Online Purchasing Warranty Policy

STOP clinical skin renewal device
POSE clinical skin tightening device
STOP and POSE are powered by TriPollar technology, the most advanced RF technology in the market, and have been subjected to strict quality control performed by the manufacturer.
Pollogen Ltd. guarantees proper function of your product for 2 years. If you use the device properly, follow all instructions outlined in the user manual, you can enjoy the product to your ultimate satisfaction.
This policy warrants the support that Pollogen Ltd. provides for the STOP and POSE devices, should it happen that failures attributable to manufacturing defects be found. In such case, you shall be entitled to make full use of the benefits of this warranty. This implies the reason and replacement of parts, free of charge (regarding both service and parts) at Pollogen Ltd’s Authorized Service Center. Within its validity term, you are entitled to make use of the warranty if necessary to have a fully enjoyable product, provided the above-indicated conditions are met fully. This warranty is valid for the STOP and POSE devices marketed by Pollogen Ltd.
In order to set the warranty into effect, you need to fill out the warranty card provided with your STOP or POSE kit, and send back to Pollogen Ltd. to Riding 24A/3 Street,Zip code 69024, Tel Aviv, Israel with your proof of purchase.
The warranty is not valid when:
1. Amendments in the warranty policy, sales receipt or invoice, or the absence of any of these original documents.
2. Damage or deterioration of the device due to improper use or if the device has been modified or repaired by an unauthorized third party.
3. Damage of the product due to defects incurred during transportation, such as bumps, bangs or improper handling.
4. Damage due to humidity or any kind of liquids, foreign bodies inside the device or the use of unapproved, unadvised accessories with the device contradictory to the user manual.
5. When the device is not used in accordance with the respective user manual or with its supplied accessories.
6. Partial or total damage or loss of the device, due to natural disasters (such as earthquakes, floods, fire, lightening, etc.), force majeure or accident.
7. Damage to the device after being subjected to high dust environments, humidity or application of excessive voltage from the power supply.
8. If the product’s serial number does not match the one in the policy or it has been amended or erased.
9. If there is cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches and dents.
The returned products under the warranty policy must be returned in its original packaging. Pollogen Ltd. will replace the item within 30 days of receipt of return in which total shipping costs will be borne by customer.

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