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TriPollar STOP - Facial skin tightening

Several non invasive treatments emerged in the last decade for facial skin rejuvenation. Learn more about facial skin tightening below.

A unique facial rejuvenation option that produces dramatic results for all skin type and colors, TriPollar radiofrequency skin tightening effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin for a smoother and more youthful appearance.

What Is TriPollar RF Skin Tightening?

TRiPollar (RF) skin tightening is a non invasive, non-surgical process that uses high-frequency electrical current source to tighten skin by heating the collagen under the skin’s surface, causing the skin to contract (tighten). Facial skin tightening is noticeable immediately after the treatment, and there is no downtime, making this an increasingly popular procedure. Additional skin tightening occurs over the next few months, but optimal results usually require six treatments about a week apart.

TriPollar Skin Tightening Candidates

Many people notice signs of aging when skin begins to sag around the face and neck. TriPollar skin tightening is appropriate for men and women of all skin types and skin tones who wish to achieve dramatic results without painful surgery and lengthy recovery times. The most successful TriPollar skin tightening candidates experience permanent results as the collagen under their skin is regenerated, producing a more youthful complexion.

Cost of TriPollar Skin Tightening

TriPollar skin tightening helps patients achieve younger-looking, smoother skin without undergoing expensive surgeries such as a face lift or a tummy tuck – and the results won’t fade after a few months. Professional skin tightening treatment cost varies depending on the individual patient’s needs such as the size and location of the area to be tightened. However, facial skin tightening is considerably less expensive than invasive surgeries.

TriPollar Skin Tightening Systems

Using the latest technologies, 3rd generation RF TriPollar skin tightening effectively rejuvenates all skin types for firmer, more youthful-looking skin. Popular skin tightening treatments utilize the regen or apollo systems, which use RF technology to gently heat deeper layers of collagen while cooling the skin’s outer layers. Skin tightening patients enjoy immediate results with minimal discomfort. A cosmetic dermatologist can determine the most effective skin tightening treatment for you.

TriPollar Skin Tightening FAQs

With many different cosmetic dermatology options available, patients often wonder how TriPollar skin tightening compares to other procedures. More effective than chemical peels and microdermabrasion, and less invasive than surgery, TriPollar skin tightening is pleasent procedure that produces lasting results. See the full list of FAQs.

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TriPollar STOP - How to Use

Prepare the skin for treatment by applying TriPollar Preparation Gel. Connect the device to the power supply, when you press the button on top of the device the low energy setting is automatically selected. To change to a medium or high setting, press the top button repeatedly and the setting will change accordingly. Ensure all four electrodes touch the skin; glide the device over the treatment area in even, circular, very slow motions. You will feel a pleasant, warm sensation on the skin. When the optimum temperature has been achieved the orange light at the side of the device will turn on, indicating that you can move onto the next part of the treatment area and repeat the process. On average, after approximately twenty minutes the treatment area should be complete.

TriPollar STOP gives you noticeable results from the first treatment, and you can feel this by pinching the treatment area before and after the treatment. The recommended use is 2-3 times per week for 6-8 weeks, followed by a weekly or fortnightly maintenance program.

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The TriPollar STOP Kit includes:

  • TriPollar STOP Device
  • TriPollar STOP Power Supply - 100-240 Vac
  • TriPollar STOP Electrical Outlet Adaptor - for UK and EU plugs
  • User Manual + Instructional Movie
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • TriPollar STOP Warranty Card wherein the product is guaranteed for 2 years
  • TriPollar STOP Preparation Gel (50ml) - specifically formulated for use with the TriPollar STOP device. While protecting the epidermis, the TriPollar STOP Preparation Gel ensures delivery of the required energy into the deep layers of the skin  in order to heat the targeted area to the optimal treatment temperature whereby stimulating collagen production
  • TriPollar STOP After Treatment Cream (50ml) - enriches your skin with the required nutrients and minerals that optimize and ensure long term results


Please note that the TriPollar STOP is suitable for use with voltage 100 - 240 V. This means that the TriPollar STOP can be used all over the world. All that is required to plug the TriPollar STOP to the main supply anywhere in the world is a simple travel adapter.

We supply the TriPollar STOP with adapters compatible with the UK and European power sockets to enable use of the TriPollar STOP at home and during holidays or travel. You can continue your regular treatment regime anytime and anywhere!

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