Wrinkles on the face, neck décolletage and hands are one of the most visible signs of skin aging. Over time they tend to get more visible. Wrinkles aren't illness! But wrinkles can alter the way you look, and this may change the way you feel about yourself. Wrinkwrinkles and fine linesles usually start as fine lines. They tend to get deeper over time. Wrinkles are often noticeable on your face. Lines tend to form on your face in the places your skin folds when you smile or make other facial expressions.
If you aren't ready to look older, or if your skin has been badly damaged by the sun, there are lots of treatments you can try. Bear in mind that few have been tested properly in good-quality medical studies.

Definition of wrinkles

Wrinkles are lines or creases on the surface of your skin, normally starting to appear as fine lines. They are a natural part of aging skin. But even young people's skin can develop wrinkles if it's damaged by environmental aggressors such as exposure to the sun or by smoking.
Light from the sun contains danger invisible part, the ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV light may damage collagen and elastin in the dermal layer, this part of the skin is the foundation that keeps it smooth, firm and elastic. Sun damage appears on exposed parts of your body such as your face, neck, forearms and the backs of your hands. Smoking also causes wrinkles and the toxins in cigarette smoke reduce your skin ability from producing new collagen. But the most common cause of wrinkles is simply getting older. As you get older, your skin gets thinner, more fragile and less stretchy, so it tends to wrinkle and crease.

Aging  skin

The aging process of the skin occurs in two different ways, (Intrinsic and Extrinsic skin aging). Intrinsic aging is what we get from our parents and is inevitable and pre-determined. The skin will become thinner, less elastic and essentially dryer as a consequence of skin aging. This is a direct result of a reduction in the overall production of collagen. This decrease combined with gravitation will lead to sagging of the skin.
Skin will become dryer as a consequence of aging because the dermis is stripped of its ability to retain moisture. In addition, the process will lead to a substantial reduction in the sweat glands and sebaceous glands, all of which ordinarily lead to moist, plump skin.
Although the extent of the process will vary, skin aging will predominantly become apparent at age 30.
Extrinsic aging is associated with exposure to various toxins and environmental elements. The foremost and most detrimental element is the sun. UV sun rays associated aging, often known as ‘photo aging’ will cause a number of fine lines on the face, wrinkles, age spots, freckles, enlarged pores, broken capillaries and rough, uneven skin tone.

Below age 25

The aging process begins as soon as you become adult, although wrinkles will not appear. However factors like stress and fatigue will still have detrimental effects on the general health of facial skin. The central and upper muscles of the face will often tighten, thus slowly beginning the wrinkling process. This will eventually lead to a reduction in the elasticity of the skin, which can be stimulated by exposure to aggressive agents (toxins, sunlight, smoking, dry and polluted air).

After age 25

A mixture of stress, fatigue and age, will lead to visible signs of aging especially on facial skin. Tension lines begin to develop with wrinkles beginning to line the skin.
You may start to get wrinkles:

  • Across your forehead
  • Between your eyebrows (frown lines)
  • Around the corners of your eyes (crow's feet)
  • Around the corners of your mouth
  • On your upper lip
  • On your cheeks
  • Just in front of your ears

You may also get lines around the front of your neck and on your hands.

Other signs of aging skin

Wrinkles caused by the sun are often accompanied by other signs of sun damage, such as:

  • A mottled appearance (patches of slightly different colored skin)
  • Small patches of darker skin, like freckles. These are sometimes called liver spots, although they don't have anything to do with your liver.
  • Hard, flaky, raised or differently colored patches of skin. These are called solar keratoses or actinic keratoses
  • Dry, rough skin

Some people wrinkle more than others. This can happen for different reasons:

  • Skin type. People with fair skin and blue eyes are more susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun than people with darker complexions.
  • People with Asian skin types or black skin are less prone to wrinkles than people with white skin.
  • Dress up. Some people cover up more of their skin than others. Covering up protects the skin against sun damage.
  • Jobs and leisure activities. Working outdoors increases your exposure to the sun. So do outdoor hobbies, such as sailing or golfing


Key points about wrinkle treatments

There are lots of treatments for wrinkles, but few have been properly tested by medical doctors.
You'll find all sorts of anti-aging creams on sale in stores. Common ingredients include moisturizer, a sunscreen or vitamins. Unfortunately, there's very little published research on most of these products. A study carried out in 2007 by Consumer Reports took a group of women aged between 30 and 70 and tested the top ten leading anti-aging creams over a period of 12 weeks. The result of the report was resoundingly unanimous: “Even the best creams reduced the average depth of wrinkles by less than 10 per cent, a magnitude of change that was barely visible to the naked eye”.

There's no proven way to prevent wrinkles. You're almost certain to get them as you get older. But we do know that ultraviolet rays (from the sun or artificial tanning in sunbeds) and smoking both make wrinkles worse.

  • Skin creams or gels containing retinoids (a type of vitamin A) can reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles, but they have side effects. Creams containing retinoids include the prescription drugs tazarotene and tretinoin.
  • Lots of cosmetics promise to improve or cover up wrinkles. Some contain vitamins that the makers claim can help the appearance of wrinkles. Lots of people use these but there's not much evidence that they work.
  • Other known salon treatments for wrinkles include chemical peels, removing the top layer of skin by dermabrasion machines, laser treatments and radio frequency (RF) treatments.

Now with the introduction of TriPollar® STOP® there is a clinically proven salon quality treatment for wrinkles and fine lines at the comfort of your home.

Clinically proven anti wrinkle home device

TriPollar STOP  is an innovative hand held device powered by TriPollar Radio Frequency (RF) technology. This 3rd generation RF technology has already transformed the professional beauty market with anti-wrinkles treatments that boost skin renewal producing younger, smoother skin.

Periorbital wrinkles removal by TriPollar STOP

Now the same proven technology is available in a sleek, palm sized device offering clinical results in the home. Scientifically developed and clinically proven, TriPollar technology focuses four low power beams deep into the dermis; much like a laser lens focuses its light. Emitting low power high frequency electrical energy into the dermis, dermal activity is stimulated to tighten collagen fibers and increase new collagen production thus help to rid of wrinkles immediately. Fibroblasts are stimulated increasing collagen replenishment, resulting in dermal thickening. A thicker dermis will make the skin of a woman in her 40’s look and feel like she is in her 30’s with visible long lasting results - reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and improved skin texture.

TriPollar® STOP®: the clinical proof

The anti wrinkle product was tested by Dr. Ghislaine Beilin (M.D. Paris), specialist in anti-aging and TriPollar technology. The trial, which tested 23 women for the duration of 6 weeks, took place in early 2008. Case studies aged 37-64 used STOP 2-3 times a week and were evaluated by the Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Classification System at the end of their anti wrinkle treatments. After their first treatment, objective scientific measurements showed on average an 86% improvement in reducing periorbital wrinkles, and a 76% improvements in erasing perioral wrinkles.

TriPollar Collagen renewal table

The long term wrinkles reduction was on average 35% for Periorbital wrinkles and 40% for Perioral wrinkles with a maximum wrinkles reduction of 67%.

In vitro clinical test performed by the société de recherche GREDECO in collaboration with researchers from the hôpital Pitié-Salpétrière, Paris France, on skin biopsies show production of new dermal collagen by more than 40% after TriPollar STOP treatment.

What People are Saying about TriPollar STOP

"I have been using TriPollar salon technology for over a year now, and the Face and Body Clinic could not do without it. We pride ourselves in providing the most cutting edge treatments for our clients and TriPollar salon technology is definitely on the top of our list. The non-invasive painless treatment gives instant results, is very popular and has become an all-round favorite."
- Dr. Shenaz Shariff, owner of the prestigious ‘The Face and Body Clinic’ in Harley Street, UK

"This device is fantastic!  I just love how fresh my skin looks after treatment.  At 42, I can use all the help I can get.  I was especially surprised at the wonderful results on my neck and décolletage area.  Best of all, a co-worker asked if I’m in love.  She said I was “glowing”."
- Margalete Zukerman-Zino

"My grateful thanks to eBeauty for supplying my Stop device - easy to use, lovely moisturiser for after care. The effects after 3 weeks of use are incredible, the first use gave me a post facial glow! Wonderful invention the best I have tried!"
- Rosa, Dorset, UK

TriPollar STOP - How to Use?

Prepare the skin for treatment by applying TriPollar Preparation Gel. Connect the device to the power supply, when you press the button on top of the device the low energy setting is automatically selected. To change to a medium or high setting, press the top button repeatedly and the setting will change accordingly. Ensure all four electrodes touch the skin; glide the device over the treatment area in even, circular, very TriPollar STOP anti wrinkle treatmentslow motions. You will feel a pleasant, warm sensation on the skin. When the optimum temperature has been achieved the orange light at the side of the device will turn on, indicating that you can move onto the next part of the treatment area and repeat the process. On average, after approximately twenty minutes the treatment area should be complete.

TriPollar STOP gives you noticeable results from the first treatment, and you can feel this by pinching the treatment area before and after the treatment. The recommended use is 2-3 times per week for 6-8 weeks, followed by a weekly or fortnightly maintenance program.

TriPollar STOP 60 days money back


BUY TriPollar STOP Online

The TriPollar STOP Kit includes:

  • TriPollar STOP Device
  • TriPollar STOP Power Supply - 100-240 Vac
  • TriPollar STOP Electrical Outlet Adaptor - for UK and EU plugs
  • User Manual + Instructional Movie
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • TriPollar STOP Warranty Card wherein the product is guaranteed for 2 years
  • TriPollar STOP Preparation Gel (50ml) - specifically formulated for use with the TriPollar STOP device. While protecting the epidermis, the TriPollar STOP Preparation Gel ensures delivery of the required energy into the deep layers of the skin  in order to heat the targeted area to the optimal treatment temperature whereby stimulating collagen production
  • TriPollar STOP After Treatment Cream (50ml) - enriches your skin with the required nutrients and minerals that optimize and ensure long term results

Please note that the TriPollar STOP is suitable for use with voltage 100 - 240 V. This means that the TriPollar STOP can be used all over the world. All that is required to plug the TriPollar STOP to the main supply anywhere in the world is a simple travel adapter.Stop at Xmas promotion

We supply the TriPollar STOP with adapters compatible with the UK and European power sockets to enable use of the TriPollar STOP at home and during holidays or travel. You can continue your regular treatment regime anytime and anywhere!

TriPollar Stop - long lasting anti aging self use device for face, neck and hands
TriPollar STOP facial anti-aging skin renewal device at home - how it works?
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