(regen, apollo, Aurora®, Thermage®, ThermaCool®, Polaris®, Comet®)

Treatment Purpose

The indication for use of most of these professional radiofrequency systems are: skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, circumference reduction, cellulite reduction, body skin tightening and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


In the last 10 years various non-invasive and non surgical treatments modalities have been developed for aging skin and body contouring. The gold standard technology emerging after the laser is radiofrequency (RF) treatments.

RF energy is a form of electromagnetic energy safe and effective for all skin colors and types. When applied to human skin tissues,  rapidly oscillating electromagnetic fields cause movement of charged particles (electrons) within the skin tissue and the resultant electrical current generates internal heat proportional to the skin tissue electrical resistance. This source of heat has been extensively used in the past 50 years for surgery, hemostasis and tissue ablation (electro-surgery). In recent years it has been applied as a means of shrinking redundant or lax connective tissues through the mechanism of collagen denaturation.

Collagen molecules are produced by skin cells called fibroblasts which synthesize three polypeptide chains that wrap around one another in a triple helix. The discovery of thermal shrinkage of collagen fibers begins with a denaturization of the triple helix of the collagen molecule. When collagen is heated, the heat-labile intra-molecular cross-links are broken and the protein undergoes a transition from a highly organized crystalline structure to a random, gel-like chemical state. Collagen thermal shrinkage occurs through the cumulative effect of the ‘unwinding’ of the triple helix, due to the destruction of the heat-labile intra-molecular cross-links, and the residual tension of the heat-stable intermolecular cross-links (1). Heated fibroblasts cells are also implicated in neo collagen formation and subsequent tissue remodeling, which can also contribute to the final cosmetic result. The precise heat-induced behavior of connective tissues and the extent of tissue shrinkage are dependent on several factors which include the maximum temperature reached in the skin tissue, exposure time, tissue hydration and tissue age.

A limited clinical test which includes histological data were published on the tissue reaction to the RF energy. RF energy can be applied to tissue between two points on the tip of applicator (bi-polar) or between a single electrode tip and a grounding plate (mono-polar). In order to generate heat in the tissue the electrical circuit must be closed. Less current is required with a bipolar device than with a monopolar device to achieve the same effect because the current passes through a much smaller volume of tissue (2). Initial reports to apply bipolar RF energy for collagen shrinkage were related to shoulder instability where a non-ablative RF system (CAPSure, Arthrocare Corp) was used to thermally tighten the shoulder capsule and glenohumeral ligaments (3). Shortly following these reports, a commercial, mono-polar, non-ablative RF device for non surgical skin tightening was introduced (ThermaCool,Thermage Inc.) for tissue tightening of facial skin (4). Using monopolar RF, this device requires an active cooling mechanism to cool the electrode that touches the skin in order to preserve the epidermis from burn (5).The regen™  and apollo™ (Pollogen Ltd) are RF systems that uses a multiple-electrode, TriPollar™ design (6,7). Unlike bipolar RF, the TriPollar design is based on three electrodes or more electodes. One acts as a positive electrodee while the other two act as negative electrodes. The current flowing through the common, positive electrode is twice that which flows through each of the negative electrodes. To avoid overheating of this common pole and of the skin tissue in contact with this pole, a sequence of electrical modulation is applied so that each electrode, in turn, acts as the common pole. Owing to this innovative and patented design no active cooling of the electrodes or the skin is required.

How the Treatment is Done

The manufacturers of professional RF systems recommend that it is only used following a consultation with a doctor by operators who have been specially trained to operate the machines. Treatments which combine radiofrequency treatment with laser or intense pulsed light treatment should only be carried out in clinics licensed by the Healthcare Commission. Radiofrequency treatment is a 'non-ablative' treatment which means that it acts on the middle and lower layers of the skin while causing little or no damage to the top layer of the skin. The practitioner will use a handpiece containing the electrodes to deliver radiofrequency energy into the middle and lower layers of the skin. This heats the middle and lower layers of the skin. This heating process is said to cause tightening of existing collagen, as well as stimulating new collagen to form. Some machines also include a cooling spray which cools the treated skin immediately following the action of the radio waves. An anaesthetic cream may be applied and then removed before the treatment begins. Some treatment machines combine radiofrequency energy with lasers or intense pulsed light for treating uneven pigmentation and hair removal, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Treatments include regen™, apollo™, Thermage/ThermaCool, Aurora, Polaris and Comet. Manufacturers claim that the improvements will become increasingly visible over time period and may last for up to two years.

The Potential Adverse Effect:

The skin may be red for a day or two after treatment, and some people may experience some swelling, bruising or blistering. The treatment is not suitable for people who have pacemakers or any metal implants as the radiofrequency energy may interfere with the safe operation of these devices or implants.

Clinically Proven Anti-ageing Device

TriPollar™ STOP™  is an innovative hand held device powered by TriPollar™ Radio Frequency (RF) technology. This 3rd generation RF technology has already transformed the professional beauty market with anti-ageing treatments that boost skin renewal producing younger, wrinkle-free skin. Now the same proven technology is available in a sleek, palm sized anti ageing device offering clinical results in the home. Scientifically developed and clinically proven, TriPollar™ technology focuses four low power beams deep into the dermis; much like a laser lens focuses its light. Emitting low power high frequency electrical energy into the dermis, dermal activity is stimulated to tighten collagen fibres and increase new collagen production thus help to reduce wrinkles immediately. Fibroblasts are stimulated increasing collagen replenishment, resulting in dermal thickening. A thicker dermis will make the skin of a woman in her 40’s look and feel like she is in her 30’s with visible long lasting results - reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and improved skin texture.

TriPollar™ STOP™: The Clinical Proof

The anti ageing product was tested by Dr. Ghislaine Beilin (M.D. Paris), specialist in anti-aging and TriPollar™ technology. The trial, which tested 23 women for the duration of 6 weeks, took place in early 2008. Case studies aged 37-64 used STOP ™ 2-3 times a week and were evaluated by the Fitzpatrick Wrinkle Classification System at the end of their anti wrinkle treatments. After their first anti ageing treatment, objective scientific measurements showed on average an 86% improvement in reducing periorbital wrinkles, and a 76% improvements in erasing perioral wrinkles.

The long term wrinkles reduction was on average 35% for Periorbital wrinkles and 40% for Perioral wrinkles with a maximum wrinkles reduction of 67%.

In vitro clinical test performed by the société de recherche GREDECO in collaboration with researchers from the hôpital Pitié-Salpétrière, Paris France, on skin biopsies show production of new dermal collagen by more than 40% after TriPollar™ STOP™ treatment.

TriPollar™ STOP™ - How to Use

Prepare the skin for treatment by applying TriPollar™ Preparation Gel. Connect the device to the power supply, when you press the button on top of the device the low energy setting is automatically selected. To change to a medium or high setting, press the top button repeatedly and the setting will change accordingly. Ensure all four electrodes touch the skin; glide the device over the treatment area in even, circular, very slow motions. You will feel a pleasant, warm sensation on the skin. When the optimum temperature has been achieved the orange light at the side of the device will turn on, indicating that you can move onto the next part of the treatment area and repeat the process. On average, after approximately twenty minutes the treatment area should be complete.

TriPollar STOP™ gives you noticeable results from the first treatment, and you can feel this by pinching the treatment area before and after the treatment. The recommended use is 2-3 times per week for 6-8 weeks, followed by a weekly or fortnightly maintenance program.

Watch the Video - TriPollar STOP Demo Video

TriPollar™ STOP™ - How to Purchase

TriPollar™ STOP™ is priced  at £387 (490EURO) - BUY NOW

The TriPollar™ STOP™ Kit includes:

  • TriPollar™ STOP™ Device
  • TriPollar™ STOP™ Power Supply - 100-240 Vac
  • TriPollar™ STOP™ Electrical Outlet Adaptor - for UK and EU plugs
  • User Manual + Instructional Movie
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • TriPollar™ STOP™ Warranty Card wherein the product is guaranteed for 2 years
  • TriPollar™ STOP™ Preparation Gel (50ml) - specifically formulated for use with the TriPollar™ STOP™ device. While protecting the epidermis, the TriPollar™ STOP™ Preparation Gel ensures delivery of the required energy into the deep layers of the skin  in order to heat the targeted area to the optimal treatment temperature whereby stimulating collagen production
  • TriPollar™ STOP™ After Treatment Cream (50ml) - enriches your skin with the required nutrients and minerals that optimize and ensure long term results


Please note that the TriPollar™ STOP™ is suitable for use with voltage 100 - 240 V. This means that the TriPollar™ STOP™ can be used all over the world. All that is required to plug the TriPollar™ STOP™ to the main supply anywhere in the world is a simple travel adapter.

We supply the TriPollar™ STOP™ with adapters compatible with the UK and European power sockets to enable use of the TriPollar™ STOP™ at home and during holidays or travel. You can continue your regular treatment regime anytime and anywhere!


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