STOP is a remarkable new clinical skin renewal device that postpones and reverses the signs of ageing, bringing about a fresh, younger look that until now could only be achieved through professional treatments. STOP has started a revolution by transforming the professional treatments into a self-administered clinical treatment, in the comfort of your home.

STOP device uses clinically proven Frequency technology to gently heat the skin from inside. A warm, relaxing sensation is felt over the skin surface while the anti-ageing, therapeutic action is taking place in the deeper layers of the skin. This heat induces an increase in dermal activity resulting in the stimulation of collagen production and thickening of the dermis (the skin's foundation) leading to visible skin tightening, firming and renewal.

The recommended treatment regimen of 12-15 minutes, 2-3 times a week, for 6 to 8 weeks will significantly reduce facial wrinkles and fine lines, providing you with improved skin texture and long lasting results.

STOP Facial Skin Renewal Device is Painless, Effective and Easy to Use:

Stop-Age long lasting antiaging systems and anti aging skin care products

  • Non-invasive, relaxing treatment
  • Creates a noticeable clinical effect from the very first treatment
  • Significantly reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improves skin texture
  • Long lasting anti-ageing results

STOP Non Invasive Anti-aging Treatment Results:

  • Very satisfied with immediate treatment results - 95% Agree
  • Very satisfied with long term treatment results - 91% Agree
  • Noticed skin lifting effect - 86.4% Agree
  • Noticed skin texture improvement - 77.3% Agree
  • Noticed improved skin smoothness, reduction in wrinkles and fine lines - 63.64% Agree

* Self assessment of 23 women in clinical trial

STOP Kit Includes:

  • STOP clinical skin renewal device - available in Classic Red, Elegant Black or Cool White
  • STOP Power Supply lead with Electrical Supply Adaptor fitted with 2 pin European plug and 3 pin UK plug
  • STOP Electrical Outlet Adaptor
  • STOP Preparation Gel (50ml) - specifically formulated for use with the STOP device. While protecting the epidermis, the STOP Preparation Gel ensures delivery of the required energy into the deep layers of the skin  in order to heat the targeted area to the optimal treatment temperature and stimulate collagen production
  • STOP  User Manual
  • STOP  Quick Reference Guide
  • STOP Warranty Policy-2 year product guarantee

What People are Saying about STOP :

"I have been using TriPollar salon technology for over a year now, and the Face and Body Clinic could not do without it. We pride ourselves in providing the most cutting edge treatments for our clients and TriPollar salon technology is definitely on the top of our list. The non-invasive painless treatment gives instant results, is very popular and has become an all-round favourite."

  • Dr. Shenaz Shariff, owner of the prestigious 'The Face and Body Clinic' in Harley Street

STOP Skin Rejuvenation Treatment - Technical Specifications:

Weight: 85gr
Physical Dimensions: H=134mm L=51mm W=32mm
Operating conditions Temperature: +5°C to +30°C
Humidity: 20RH to 80RH
Rating: AC 100Vac to 240Vac 0.6 A 50/60Hz
DC 7V/8V/9V 1.5A
Transport and Storage: Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Humidity: 10RH to 90RH
Electrical Safety: Power supply is classified as Class ll - double insulation

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