According to recent publications in medical reviews we can now slow down or even in limited cases reverse the ageing process. Anti ageing medicine faces the challenge of an increasing ageing population mostly in the western world. It aims today to early detection, prevention and treatment of age related diseases. It aims to stop or delay the effects of time in the body and increase well been and longevity.

Ageing is a natural process, however this doesn’t mean that we have to stand by and see how we deteriorate every day.
Some of the consequences of ageing are:

  • Loss of strength and change in body composition (More fat than muscle)
  • Skin sagging and wrinkles
  • Loss of bone mass leading to fragile bones
  • Deterioration of the immune function, hence less resistance to various diseases
  • Deterioration in memory and concentration
  • Decline in sexual function in men and women
  • Tiredness and fatigue

Internal factors inherited from our parents affects our longevity but it has been widely validated in medical anti ageing literature that a great deal of the ageing process is caused by external factors such as: poor diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of exercise, stress and falling levels of hormones.

Best practice tips to slow down the ageing skin process

Use UV sunblocking cosmetic products
Sun exposure is the main factor of ageing skin due to its UV light. Some medical experts estimate that more than 50% of aging skin is due to sun effects. Bear in mind that sun exposure is the main cause of skin cancer after the age of 50. Protection must be adapted depending on each type of skin. People with very light skin color need to use UV screening creams all year round. If you’re using these kind of products daily there’s a chance that your skin will have less wrinkles or age spots.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables
Vitamins deficiencies is the next major cause of body and skin ageing. Your meals should supply you with  antioxidants (vitamins A, E, C and selenium), zinc and copper. You need a daily quantity of 60 miligrams of  vitamin C about as much as one orange contains. It is recommended to give up all sort of food like: sweets, meat and fat-rich food. Don’t give up on breakfast, some cereals with milk will help your digestive system deal with the food more efficiently.

Drink more water not alcohol
For keeping your skin younger body hydration is vital. Drink water as much as possible and herbals tea. Avoid consuming too much caffeine found in black tea and coffee. In the summer your body will need up to 8 liters of water while in the cold season 4 liters will do the job.

Give up smoking and alcohol
Both nicotine and alcohol dehydrate your body and destroy vitamins and minerals thus leaving your skin dehydrated and exposed to faster aging process results in more wrinkles and fine lines. Nicotine and CO contribute to the whole body aging process, also increasing the risks of cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis. Alcohol in moderate quantities, one glass of wine a day, isn’t as harmful as tobacco is.

Relax take it easy
Medical research on aging has been proven that chronic stress increases the aging process' speed. Don’t forget you need to have at least six hours of sleep, eight hours of work, eight hours of relaxation and two hours of physical activity each day. It sounds hard to do! Try yoga, meditation, massage or aromatherapy. Try harder to spend quality time with your friends, in a relaxing environment.

There are numerous variants of anti ageing products on the market. Use the best anti ageing treatment facial skin renewal device coming with clinically proven technology. It is important to avoid any unproven anti ageing facial skin renewal procedures.

Facial skin ageing

Face aging depends on many factors like heredity and the way we treat our facial skin. The first signs of facial skin aging are dehydration and losing skin’s elasticity.
Obviously, each part of our body ages differently but the most exposed areas of the skin are the ones which have a bigger contact with the sun and air. Our face is the most exposed part of our body but it also plays the role of a business card so everybody tries to keep it as beautiful as they can. Thus, it is important to use anti ageing facial skin rejuvenation techniques and anti ageing tools.
Face aging can be also influenced by our lifestyle because our face gets easily affected by sun, wind, sleep, alcohol and smoking.
Sun has a very aggressive action on our skin and is the most common thing that leads to premature face aging. UV Sun radiations increase the production of free radicals which create irreversible damage to our skin so if you want to protect yourself, you always have to use sunscreen summer and winter.
The first signs of aging can appear even when you only are 20 years old. Between 20 to 30 years your skin will get dehydrated, the protection barriers will get weeker and elasticity will start to decrease. To slow down this process it is necessary to exfoliate at least once a week to eliminate the dead cells on your face and help the skin creating new healthy ones. Few anti ageing facial renewal gadgets are now in the market and it provides excellent anti ageing treatment results.
When we reached 30 years we will definitely need to pay more attention to our skin.  By this time the expression wrinkles appear, especially crow’s feet around the eyes.

TriPollar® STOP® - The facial anti ageing lifting device

Recently a number of anti ageing facial renewal gadgets have been introduced to the market place. The new anti ageing facial skin rejuvenation device TriPollar STOP brings home a salon treatment technology.
STOP is a new anti ageing facial skin renewal device that reverse signs of ageing offering clinical results by increasing dermal collagen production, resulting in skin tightening and reduced fine lines and wrinkles from the comfort of your own home.
STOP is an anti ageing tool the perfect choice for those seeking anti ageing treatment for lined or lax skin wishing to turn back vital signs of ageing without turning to invasive surgery techniques or visiting professional clinics.

STOP is an innovative hand held device powered by TriPollar Radio Frequency (RF) technology. This 3rd generation RF technology has already transformed the professional beauty market with anti-ageing treatments that boost skin renewal producing younger, smoother skin. Now the same proven technology is available in a sleek, palm sized device offering clinical results in the home.

Scientifically developed and clinically proven, TriPollar technology focuses four low power beams deep into the dermis; much like a laser lens focuses its light. Emitting low power high frequency electrical energy into the dermis, dermal activity is stimulated to tighten collagen fibers and increase new collagen production. Fibroblasts are stimulated increasing collagen replenishment, resulting in dermal thickening.  A thicker dermis will make the skin of a woman in her 40’s look and feel like she is in her 30’s with visible long lasting results - reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and improved skin texture.

From the initial treatment the results of smoother more radiant skin are noticeable.  Over a period of 4-6 weeks, repeating the anti ageing facial skin renewal procedures twice per week, long lasting effects are achieved.   
Clinical studies showed up to 50% increase in dermal thickening resulting in skin tightening and facial skin lifting while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

TriPollar STOP: technological innovation

Through creating a scientifically-proven product for anti ageing treatment at home featuring TriPollar, the third generation of Radio Frequency technology, STOP puts the power to control the signs of ageing literally in your hands.

TriPollar Stop - long lasting anti aging self use device for face, neck and hands
TriPollar STOP facial anti-aging skin renewal device at home - how it works?
TriPollar POSE Radiofrequency body skin tightening treatments at home