Company Overview

Pollogen Ltd was founded in 2006 and develops cutting-edge aesthetic solutions for the professional and home-use markets.  Pollogen developed the TriPollar technology, an advanced 3rd generation radio-frequency based solution which effectively contours the face and the body.  TriPollar became an industry standard in the professional market and Pollogen later adjusted it so that it would be suitable for home-use devices.   The TriPollar STOP is the most advanced home-use system for facial skin tightening and the TriPollar POSE is a breakthrough in body contouring.  Pollogen’s non-invasive home use products deliver clinically proven, safe and effective treatments that yield both immediate and long-term results all in the comfort of the client’s home.


Our market place

The beauty and wellbeing markets are large and growing (approx. 30% CAGR), impacting every aspect of consumers' lives and the majority of consumers (85%) take an interest in their aesthetic care. The market for "at-home" aesthetic devices is rapidly growing with consumers constantly seeking professional, technological, clinically proven alternatives to costly and relatively high risk professional treatments.

Our Vision

Pollogen’s vision is to provide innovative, cutting-edge solutions, based on consumers' desire for aesthetic treatments at-home, based on real technology that creates a real change in our customer’s appearance and wellbeing.  Pollogen brings consumers all the benefits and results achieved by professional aesthetic technology to the comfort of their home. Our handheld devices put the power to defeat the signs of ageing and perfect the body, in the consumer hands!

TriPollar treatments at home

The most advanced, clinically proven professional technology - previously only available in specialist clinics – delivered to our consumers homes

Not only a pleasurable treatment. These are the only clinically proven home devices in the market based on TriPollar technology allowing our customers to enjoy unmatchable, noticeable immediate and long term professional level results

Smart & Simple
Simple and user-friendly hand-held devices, designed with advanced features to allow safe and pleasurable treatment method.

Pollogen – History of Founder’s Innovation

  • 1994     Invented the first Tunable solid state laser system for dermatology applications "Tunable solid state laser system for dermatology applications" Proc. SPIE, Vol. 2327, 8 (1994); DOI:10.1117/12.197608
  • 2000     Invented the first Hair Removal system powered by LHE® technology
  • Shook up  the professional laser hair removal market by introducing a hair removal system for less than 20,000US$
  • 2001     Invented the first light based treatment for acne powered by LHE® technology
  • 2002     Invented the first Hair Removal system powered by LHE® technology for patients self-use and received FDA clearance for marketing in the US
  • 2003     Invented the first Light-Based Acne treatment system for Home Use
  • 2004     Invented the no!no! (no hair! – no pain!) powered by Thermicon™ Technology – the first hair removal system for home use which become a best selling product at Sephora, leading beauty retailer.
  • 2006     Invented the Sub-dermal Minimal Surgery technology
  • 2006     Invented the professional TriPollar technology
  • 2007     Adapted and implemented the professional TriPollar technology to home-use devices;  STOP - clinical skin renewal device for Face and POSE - clinical skin tightening device for Body.


About TriPollar Technology


Radio Frequency (RF) has been used in medical science for over 30 years, generally for minimally invasive surgeries. Over the past several years professional systems and technologies using RF technology have become he gold standard in professional clinics worldwide for skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, fat reduction and body sculpting. Earlier users of RF technology used mono-polar and later bi-polar applications, both with their limitations and shortcomings. 3rd generation TriPollar RF combines the effect of Mono-Polar RF and Bi-polar RF energies in one applicator to simultaneously and homogeneously heat deep and shallow tissue layers while protecting the skin’s surface.

TriPollar technology invented by Pollogen Ltd and licensed by  Pollogen Ltd for consumer products is the most advanced non-invasive alternative to surgical and other invasive aesthetic treatments. It is the 3rd generation in Radio Frequency (RF) technology used over the past few years for aesthetic applications such as skin tightening and localized fat reduction.

TriPollar technology directs the RF current from the four electrodes towards the skin’s layers to control and limit the penetration and depth of the heating mechanism to the desired treatment area.

TriPollar RF currents emit focused energy to the target skin layers without overheating the outer layer of the skin resulting in pleasurable treatment sensation and immediate visible results followed by long lasting clinically proven results.